Lower and Upper Elementary, Middle School

MIDDLE SCHOOL – Grades 7 – 8

The elementary and middle school classes are where the journey of learning goes from concrete to abstract.  Students are able to work alone and in groups.
The elementary curriculum guides students from the fundamental stages of pre-school work to the primary school operations of insight, generalization, specification, and foresight.

Students explore grammar and syntax of languages, number systems, math operations, algebra, fractions, measurements, scientific concepts, biology, natural and civil history and geography, music, literature, and arts.

Christian Center School’s policy is to educate children with full respect for each students way of learning, to protect the rights of each student by establishing group order, to guide the students development through their interests, to grow self-determination and motivation within the student, to help them become aware of their interdependence, and to teach through human play using repetition and variation.  All classroom tasks are grounded in God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as revealed through the Bible- our passageway to an abundant productive life.

The Montessori teacher observes, directs, and instructs individually. She recognizes each child’s achievements and guides them with love.


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