“My daughter started attending Christian Center School at age 2.5 and I have had no regrets thus far. She has excelled in all areas. At age 4 she is reading, speaking and writing and can probably test into the 1st grade in a regualr public school. I absolutely love the staff, I feel like they are an extended part of my family. They are loving and caring and the kids grow well in that environment. I love the sense of security I feel when I drop my daughter off in the morning. They have a before and after care program as well to accommodate parents with different work schedules. I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants to see their kid succeed in life.”    –Christian Center Montessori Parent

“This school provides a loving environment that not only teaches academics but educates students for life.  While scoring in the 99th percentile on standardized Iowa testing, my daughter has learned table manners, responsibility, how to do research, converse with adults and interact socially in a manner that makes us proud to have her represent our family.  It is affordable and provides a hot lunch, sit down meal daily in which the children set the table, learn table etiquette and clean up.  So profound is the positive impact this school has had on our daughter, we have based important career decisions on keeping her there.  The only things to consider is that it is small and there are no team sports.  However, the local area provides ample opportunity for community athletic participation. ”    –Christian Center Montessori Parent

“Christian education is one of the best gifts you can give your child.  The preschool is the best in the city in my opinion. Christian Center School is unintentionally, the best kept secret in the area.  It has on of the best academic programs available.  Enrichment activities include music, art, P.E., and Chapel.  There is donuts with dad, muffins with mom, fun festival, and many more extra activities.  Parental involvement is not a requirement, but any help given is always greatly appreciated.  There are several fundraisers each year, but nothing required.  One of the best things about this school, is that once the student enters the building–everything they need is there.  There is no need to go outside to go to lunch or enrichment activities.  Even recess can be held in a huge gym on rainy days.  It is a Christian school, but nondenominational.  A great school!”           –Christian Center Montessori Parent


“…I am so thankful that our children have such  loveing, knowledgable, and dedicated teachers at Christian Center School.” –Christian Center Montessori Parent

“Three kids, six shoes, two school bags, so much to get out the door. But on weekedays, I’m not the only one in an hurry. My first grader at CCMS wants out the door on time too. Worried he will he will be late for school,  he proceeds to tell me why. From his back seat he lists the lessons he wants to get done that day. This self-motivation is just one of the many reasons I love CCMS. My kids see and seek out lessons everywhere. My four year old picks up acorns and nails and sees more than a nut and a piece of hardware. He is thinking about magnetism and nature. My kids love to learn. That curiosity has been nurtured and awakened everyday at this school. Their minds and their souls are carefully tended to with grace and kindness by their loving Christian teachers. This week my son was sitting at the counter and casually aske me this amazing question, ‘Isn’t it amazing that the King would die for us?’ Out of the blue that question arose in conversation. ‘Isn’t it amazing that he brought that question from his experience at school that day?’ We are so fortunate that our children go to such an amazing school.”  Christian Center Montessori Parent


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